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About Metra Electronics

The "Installers Choice" For Over 75+ years

The Metra Story

Metra Electronics in Central Florida continues to be the leading manufacturer of installation accessories for aftermarket automotive and home theater integration. For more than 75 years, Metra has continued to design, engineer, and produce the most innovative products in our industry. Read more about our history on how we became the leader in aftermarket automotive accessories, and see how Metra celebrated the life of its founder, Michael M. Somma, in this tribute.

Engineered for Installers, Designed with the Driver in Mind

Metra Electronics has created hundreds of dashboard kits, launched 16 automotive and home theater brands, and manufactures thousands of products. We have award-winning products and hold numerous patents for innovative solutions designed and engineered by the company. After 75+ years, Metra continues to focus on the same goal it’s had since day one; to be the installer’s choice for aftermarket vehicle accessories. #MetraElectronics #WeAre12volt

How to Purchase

Metra maintains fully stocked warehouses in Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Kentucky, Southern California and Northern California to provide you the highest quality products on time, all the time. We process and ship orders for our dealers and distributors fast! Our existing customers can place orders online at or contact us to find their nearest distributor.

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Apply online to open an account, or contact our sales team for distributor information. We do not sell directly to the public, but consumers can contact us for assistance with finding their nearest installer or shop that carries our products.