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Frequently Asked Questions

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Metra Dealer Questions

Contact Metra’s technical support team at 386-257-1187 or email There is also a private Metra technical support group on Facebook where installers can post their questions. Technical support hours are available:

Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 7:00pm EST
Saturday: 10:00am - 7:00pm EST
Sunday: 10:00am - 4:00pm EST

Use Metra’s Vehicle Fit Guide to determine all of the products that fit your vehicle. You can narrow down the type of product using the filters.

Download the Excel spreadsheet file to your computer. Open the file and navigate to your vehicle application using the buttons at the top, or scroll down to the vehicle make and model. Products that work with that specific vehicle will be listed in the spreadsheet columns.

Product warranties vary by brand and product type. See our warranties page for details.

Metra Product Questions

TurboKits® are plastic kits with no electronics.

Turbo2 Kits® have integrated climate controls, small display screens, airbag and seatbelt indicators, and other needed functions (which vary by kit) built into the plastics with laser etched buttons. These are the most simple of Metra’s dash kits with integrated electronics.

TurboKits® Kits include a built-in touchscreen that can be personalized to control most of the OEM features with the aftermarket radio, without the need for additional integration products. A steering wheel control interface is built-into the kit.

For drivers who prefer hard buttons but want to upgrade to an aftermarket radio, Metra’s TurboTactile™ Kits with hard buttons replace the factory climate controls. These kits are designed to match the OEM styling and retain most of the vehicle’s original features, without the need for additional integration products.

TouchTronix™ Kits utilize laser-etched plastics and custom lighting to display climate control functions. These hard button features are engineered to accommodate a specific space in the factory dashboard that would not be suitable for a display or touchscreen, offering a sleek alternative.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems add another layer of safety for drivers to bring awareness to objects around them and help prevent accidents. Depending on the safety system, this can be a product that helps alert the driver to an object in their blind spot, a potential rear or front collision, or assist with navigating a difficult parking situation.

iBEAM’s products are universal, unless noted otherwise, and will work with the majority of cars, SUVs, and trucks on the road today. Large trucks, trailers, or commercial vehicles should refer to iBEAM’s commercial heavy-duty product line.

If you are looking for AXSWC (formerly known as the ASWC-1) instructions, you’ll need to use the vehicle fit guide to enter in your vehicle make, model, year and trim options, as these instructions are specific to the vehicle you are installing it on. Click get parts and you'll see your AXSWC instructions at the top. Make sure you have the latest updater tools for using the AXSWC and view our installation videos for additional help.